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Brightly Media Terms of Use

If there is any information presented at this site, which doesn’t seem right to you, or would lead you into harm in any way, we ask that you please do not use that information, and/or discontinue use of our site.  We have your best interest at your heart, and truly understand that everyone is at their own place.  Information and action that is beneficial for one person, could be dangerous for another.  We urge you to exercise caution in tending to your life, for it is a precious gift.


The information and viewpoints at, are not intended as medical advice and should not be construed as such.  This is not just a disclaimer, it’s true. and its representatives do not want to be your doctor, or provide any kind of medical advice to you ever.  We believe people have their own inherent wisdom inside their body, and urge you to listen to it and learn its languages.
With that in mind, by using this site, you assume all responsibility in the use, non-use, or mis-use of this information.
This disclaimer serves as a reminder that you are responsible for your own health, and happiness, and for that reason, we remind you to be proactive in its maintenance, and tend to each step with care.